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1)super computer
2)mainframe computer
3)mini computer
4)micro computer

super computer :
They are most powerful ans expensive
computers. they have externally large storage
capacities and processing speed is at least 10
times faster than other computers.some of the
super computers are NEC , CRAY ,CYBER
205,CDC STAR 100 etc.
mainframe computer:
they are midium or large machine ,made of
several units connected together . it’s generally
used in big organizations.
mini computer:
they are like small mainframes. they consist of a
few seperate units connected together . they are
not powerful as mainframe computers.
micro computer:
they are the smallest general purpose computers.
they are about the same size an of a typewriter
machine . they are used in diffrent applications
like business, engeneering , schools, colleges ,
entertainment etc.


Information and communications technology (ICT) refers to all the technology used to handle telecommunications, broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions.

–   —   ICT has also change the way we shop
ICT has changed the way we shop lots of people shop online now for a number of things like: cloths, games, food and music witch is easier for us most of the time

—– ICT technology has changed the way we judge sports how we watch them and also in some case’s how we competed in them. the use of game consoles have a lot to do with sport is well Lewis Hamilton said that he managed to learn the racing tracks because he had played them on his PlayStation

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——  Some ICT technology has taken over lots jobs because for example one special built robot can do the work that 60 people would do in a quicker time and also up to a better standard and this is happening because now it is cheaper for the business or companies to do this because then they don’t have to pay the works or pay to keep the room or area they work in heated they also don’t have to pay for sick pay and the robots will work longer they would be faster and the work would be better quality then humans.


2(a) Computer ethics is a part of practical philosophy which concern with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct.

Pick 3
-Asset Management

 -management asset

 -Location Management.

– infrastructure assets.

-Real-Time Monitoring

6ai] Monitor

ii. printers

6aiii] III. – CPU

6iv] Ensure you use stabilizer when using the computer so that the power source will not be fluctuating.

6v] true the Keybord/CPU

6vi] fan.


Drink water

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